International and Domestic

"On Board" Courier Service

We specialize in
global shipments
requiring high level
security and privacy.




Global Air Courier
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Your Important and Sensitive Delivery Solution

  • Global Air Courier a division of New England Courier LLC is the right choice for your most sensitive domestic and international delivery. Depending on the size and weight, packages are not checked as baggage, but hand carried and delivered directly to your recipient – making this unique solution also ideal for high value, temperature sensitive or extremely confidential shipments ranging from original legal
    documents, to research specimens, to jewelry, artwork and more.
  • Our hand carry delivery service provides one certified courier who will handle all aspects of your delivery from pickup to your drop off destination.
  • You can have confidence that a certified courier with Global Air Courier has passed a background investigation and completed our rigid training requirements.
  • We can find the first available flight or movement solution, as well as the best itinerary, and carry your shipment personally from your door to the consignee door or at the airport of your choice.
Services include, but are not limited to:
  • On board courier services
  • Domestic and International Delivery
  • Mission - Critical Solution
  • Personally Escorted
  • Chain of Custody
  • Parcels weighing 50 lbs or less meeting carry on dimensions
  • Delivery status as requested

Global Air Courier a division of New England Courier LLC provides dedicated On-Board Courier services to safeguard your deliveries and avoid potential delays. They are hand carried by our hand picked on board courier that personally escorts and delivers your package directly to the recipient. Delays are all but eliminated since our courier can simply walk your shipment on to another flight if necessary, as well as manage customs clearance for you any time of the day or night.